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Hi friends,

Thank you for visiting my page dedicated to my dad, Richard Treat.

Any person who has watched a loved one suffer with a disease or affliction can attest to the fire that is ignited as we support and seek solutions.

Prostate Cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in American men, however, there is a misconception that Prostate Cancer doesn’t pose a  real threat since 1 in 35 men diagnosed will die of it.

My Dad was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer in the Summer of 2008. He had just retired and was enjoying his life as a grandfather, playing softball and planning his dream vacation to Africa for a Safari with my mom.

While attending a softball  tournament with a health booth, Dick decided to have a PSA (Prostate Specifc Antigen) Test between games.  A week later he received a card in the mail with his test results and it suggested he meet with his physician. My parents made an appointment and after an  MRI,  biopsy and further testing, Dick's gleason score came back a 9-10.  In that  moment, Dick was told he had Advanced Prostate Cancer and had 2 years left to live.

Following his diagnosis, Dick  met with specialist at UCSF and signed up for every trial drug on the market. Unfortunately, it was just a waiting game and the cancer metastasized. Dick was determined to meet his fifth grandchild from his youngest son, Ryan and wife, Jen.  He refused to lose his zest for life and laughter and even while undergoing brain radiation he found reasons to smile. My dad learned to tap dance at the age of 63, continued to play in his senior softball league, visit with his breakfast crew of 30 years and spent every moment with his family, including our last family vacation to his favorite place, Flathead Lake, Montana.

The beauty in my dad's legacy is that he didn't need a diagnosis to prioritize what mattered in life. Dick was all about family and friends and anyone who knew him can attest to how amazing he was at making time for those he loved.

On Febraury 6, 2011 my dad told my mom he loved her one last time and took his final breath while she held him.

“Team Treat”  will be running in honor of a great man, father, husband, grandpa and friend who is missed greatly. Our goal is to raise $4,500 by September 1st. 

Approximately 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed as having prostate cancer at some point in his life. Make sure the men you love are screened. Early diagnosis means everything.

To read more about the life of Dick Treat, please visit:

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